I share this not to shame, but in hopes that others can learn from it and avoid these issues with their businesses and clients. In a recent Search Engine Roundtable article John Mueller asked what do SEOs do because engineers and web developers and Google don’t understand… well here is a black friday/cyber monday email I had to send to an online retailer experiencing their worst nightmare because these people cant be bothered to take our industry seriously.

JM asking what SEOs Do

And before many of you get the wrong idea that I offer free SEO. I don’t. The person I am replying to is ready to pay and ultimately might have to, which is tragic because they may have blown their Q4 revenue which would be a total disaster.

Willing to pay and might have to

The online retailer got into this problem by rushing a new website to capitalize on Q4 sales. The web developers don’t SEO. What could possibly go wrong?

So here is 1 email. A view into less than 1 hour of the life of an SEO who has to help pick up the pieces because Web Developers and Industry experts can’t be fucking bothered to take SEO seriously.

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Heartbreaking SEO Email